fipha editions has published the following photo books. More information about the books can be found via the books drop down menu.

Winter white – The 100 black and white photographs in this book are taken in Luxembourg city during snowy winter days. The book includes a history and description of the city. You can read more about the book in PhotoBook Journal (link).

Tsukiji tales – This book comprises 70 black and white photographs that present the many facets and histories of the Tsukiji fish market, which was a Tokyo institution from 1935 until it closed in 2018. The book includes a description and history of the market.

Gunkanjima ghosts – The 44 black and white photographs in this book are taken on the Gunkanjima coal mining island, which is located outside Nagasaki in Japan. The book includes a history of the island, which in 1959 had a population of 5,259 and was abandoned in 1974 when the coal deposits were depleted.

Roman ruins – This book comprises 44 black and white photographs taken at 11 of the Roman ruins that can be found in Luxembourg. These ruins are a testament to the period when this part of Europe was under the influence of the roman Empire from 50 BC, when Julius Caesar defeated the Celts of Gaul, and until AD 450.

Belval blasts – The 46 photographs in this book are taken at the Belval site in Southern Luxembourg that in the past was the centre of steel making in the country. The site and two of the blast furnaces have been restored and developed into a rejuvenated, vibrant post-industrial urban area.